20-year-old young man dies while playing hockey

Scary news for anyone playing hockey... he might have not known about his condition...

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Shocking news have emerged straight out of Granby, a town in southwestern Quebec, located east of Montreal. after the death of a 20-year-old man while playing ball hockey at the junior college. 

Alexis Marquis had booked a platform to play ball hockey with friends on Tuesday night. According to TVA Nouvelles, the evening was going perfectly normal until the young man suffered a stroke. He collapsed on the floor as friends and witnesses attempted resuscitation maneuvers as soon as he fell. The paramedics later arrived on the scene and stayed at the college for about thirty minutes.

"The witnesses on the scene started the resuscitation maneuvers and they used the public defibrillator that was available at the gym. When our paramedics arrived, they took over, "explains Francis Brisebois of Dessercom, the local paramedic services. 
"Police officers in Granby also have defibrillators in their car. The police is called regularly to assist paramedics, "added Guy Rousseau of the municipal security department in Granby.

Students are expected to get back to school on January 21st, following the long holiday break. A crisis unit has been set up for students as well as for faculty and employees following this tragedy. 

The coroner has opened an investigation on Marquis' case to find out the exact cause of the young man's death. 

The Granby college explained that they do not want to comment on the event, out of respect for the family.

We send our thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of Alexis Marquis.