2020-21 NHL season could take place in 4 bubble cities!

SHOCKER! NHL and NHLPA working on a plan for next season: how will players react?!

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Remember how much players in National Hockey League were hesitant to get on board of a 24-team playoff tournament in two different hub cities where they need to stay in a bubble?

Yeah, we know they have approved and the playoffs are underway, however, some players and staff members have already commented on how hard it has been mentally to be away from their family and isolated in a tight area. Dallas Stars head coach Rick Bowness, whose team advanced to the second round last night in Edmonton, tried to explain it as best as possible, per The Athletic’s Sean Shapiro.

“I don’t think people understand how hard it is to live in this bubble,” Bowness said. “I’m just telling the people that this isn’t as easy as you think it is.
“I can only speak for myself. I’ve gone a couple of days where I haven’t even gone outside. Because the way we’re set up here, the hotel is connected to the rink so you walk from the hotel through the tunnel, get to the rink, then you go back into your room.

Well, that hasn’t stopped the NHL and the Players’ Association from putting together a proposal for the 2020-21 season and how it could take place in bubbles once again. 

Per John Shannon, “the NHL and PA have had preliminary talks about next season. One proposal is to create 4 bubble cities, and rotating all 31 teams in those venues in 8 game increments.”

While both playoffs bubbles are currently in Canada, he believes that “at present, there’s no indication if all the cities would be in Canada.”

We are pretty sure the players across the league will get to vote on this, but we wonder how they will feel about being stuck in bubbles once again. 

On Friday, it was reported that it might be too hard for families to join the players during the Conference finals, which has been a tough blow on teams. 

This could be a hard proposal to offer to players after this playoff scenario that is hard mentally on everyone involved. This would be a shocking and unprecedented development but it might be the best way for the NHL to guarantee of holding a full 2020-21 season.