49-million dollar player makes a funny revelation

“We had some good laughs about it”

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Confirmations came in that Brad Marchand’s contract with the Bruins was a done deal before speculations arose of him leaving to play alongside Sidney Crosby.

“It was funny. … We had some good laughs about it, but ultimately we knew we were going to be here where we wanted to be,” said Marchand.

Marchand explained that he didn’t want to wait for his final year to negotiate. He used Loui Eriksson as an example (who waited for his last year), saying that the attention he received was a cumbersome experience for both the player and the team.

“I wanted to be here as long as I can and play as long as I possibly can,” he said. “That’s where I think the eighth year came in for myself and for the team allowed a lower cap hit. I don’t think at the end of the day I’m more concerned with the overall dollar value as I am about being part of this team for a long time.”