58.5% Career Faceoff Man Lands Job As Development Coach

Recently retired Manny Malhotra will help develop centers as a coach for the Vancouver Canucks.

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Former NHLer and faceoff expert Manny Malhotra has joined the Vancouver Canucks as a development coach, as per The Score.


After retiring last season, Malhotra had reportedly been searching for a job within an organization and now, he gets to help the Canucks’ centers with what he knows best: faceoffs. The 36-year-old retired with an outstanding 58.5% faceoff win percentage. 


“Obviously statistically we weren’t that good in the circle last year. So that number has to come up if we want to improve in the standings. Working with the young guys, working with the center men, teaching them systems, and just trying to help out in any way possible is what my role will be.”