$6 million dollar player carried off the ice by his teammates last night.

He couldn't skate off under his own power.

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At the time of the announcement there were many who questioned the Vancouver Canuck's decision to sign veteran forward Loui Eriksson to a big money contract, now after the better part of a National Hockey League season it's looking like a disaster.

Through 65 games this season Eriksson has produced just 11 goals and 13 assists, not what the Canucks were hoping for when they invested $6 million dollars per season over the next 6 seasons into Eriksson, and to make matters worse he now appears to have suffered a significant injury.

On Sunday night Eriksson took an awkward hit from Anaheim’s Chris Wagner and while the camera angles make it difficult to tell exactly what happened, it appears that Wagner caught Eriksson with his knee.

The end result was Eriksson unable to leave the ice under his own power, and even when being helped by two teammates it was clear that he was completely unable to put any weight on his leg, not a good sing. No word yet on how long he may be out, but we expect to hear more in the next several hours.