A scary situation in Toronto, Tavares gets accidentally kicked in the head by Corey Perry

The Leafs' captain has been stretchered off the ice.


An ugly situation has transpired in Toronto during tonight's opening game of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens playoff series after Leafs captain John Tavares got clipped in the head by Corey Perry's skate. 

Tavares lost the puck after taking a hit from Habs defenseman Ben Chiarot and did a bit of a barrel roll while trying to maintain possession of the puck. Perry comes in late and tries to jump over Tavares, but appears to hit him square in the face with his skate or his shin pad. Tavares was down and out before an official blew the play down and called for medical staff. 

Here's the entire sequence:

Not that this means Tavares will be okay, but he did give a 'thumbs up' while being stretchered off the ice.

On the very next play Nick Foligno drops the glove with Perry: