Agent Allan Walsh fires a huge shot at head coach Bill Peters over treatment of his client.

Very harsh comments from a player agent.

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A National Hockey League player agent has just thrown a hornet's nest into an NHL locker room.

30 year old NHL veteran Michael Frolik has had a tough time of things this season in spite of the fact that his team, the Calgary Flames, have been pretty hot as of late, no pun intended. Frolik has been made a healthy scratch by head coach Bill Peters at times this season and after missing a full month of action due to a high ankle sprain he suffered earlier in the year, Frolik lasted just two games in the Flames line up before Peters once again sent him up to the press box to watch as his teammates played on the ice. 

This would of course be a frustrating situation for any well established NHL player and it seems that Frolik's own frustrations may have boiled over already. It's hard to say if Frolik was directly involved in this but on Sunday Frolik's agent, infamous player agent Allan Walsh, sent out a message on social media that made it very clear that he was not happy with the treatment of his client. In fact Walsh went so far as to imply that Peters could be attempting to run his client out of town.

From Walsh:

Many people in Calgary have been reaching out asking why Michael Frolik is a healthy scratch.  Keeping one of the teams most efficient and versatile forwards in the stands marginalizes and devalues a great team player.  Head coach’s attempt to run a good player out of town?

Although Walsh carefully chose his words as to not make this an outright accusation against Peters, only a complete fool would argue that Walsh was not getting as close to doing as he possibly could without crossing that line. Additionally the implication that Peters is running out of town also carries with it an implied threat, if Frolik feels he is being run out of town would he then demand to be traded? 

The Flames are having a very solid season thus far and the last thing they need is this type of distraction in their locker room, especially when it comes to a player who has only been used in 22 games this season and has 7 goals and no assists for 7 total points to his name. You have to wonder how Frolik himself will address this when the media get a hold of it, and you have to wonder how Flames management will handle what has to be from their perspective a rather annoying statement from Walsh.