Another bittersweet update on Jonathan Toews...

Not sure how many more of these fans can handle…


We have been without any news from Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews ever since he said he had been “experiencing symptoms that have left me feeling drained and lethargic” back in December. There is no timetable for his return. 

Toews hasn’t say anything on his condition or his recovery, and whenever pundits and reporters ask GM Stan Bowman about it, it seems hard to get a straight answer. Following a swarms of unfounded rumors on social media that the team knew more about Toews and why he couldn’t play, the Blackhawks responded to the chatter by insisting that the circumstances of Toews’ medical absence remain the same as before.
Finally, general manager Stan Bowman spoke on the “Blackhawks Insider” podcast March 19, stating that he didn’t have much of an update, but that what’s he heard from Toews lately was positive. 

Fans were sure what that meant so earlier this month, Phil Thompson of the Chicago Tribune asked Bowman again about his captain. This is the bittersweet update he provided: 

“We have so many players on LTIR, we don’t necessarily need Jonathan on there. It’s not a problem to have him on it, but that’s not a reason we would keep him out of the lineup,” he said.
“That would never be my call to make; it’s more of medical situation to say that he’s not going to come back. No one’s indicated that’s the case to me. If we get to that point, then we would let everyone know. … That’s more something he and the doctors would decide if he’s not going to play this year. But we’re not at that point.
“I wouldn’t persuade him to play or not play. And I’ve never done that with any player in the past. It’s got to come from them.”

There isn’t much time left to the season, so we wonder if there is still hope that Toews could return for the postseason. 

Not sure about this, but what we know for sure if that fans are dying to know more about his condition and how he is doing.