Another catastrophic NHL outdoor game in the making?!

​Fans have had enough already!

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It seems like the National Hockey League is struggling to put together some successful outdoor games for its devoted fans. 

As you may have heard over the past weekend, a huge number of fans that attended the Stadium Series game in Colorado revealed that both traffic and parking were an insane logistical nightmare, one that caused many fans who left home several hours in advance to miss the majority of the game. Some fans missed two full periods of play before they made it into the building, but even then things were still so bad outside that those very same fans made the decision not to stay for the festivities due to the fact that they would be headed back out into a traffic nightmare following the game.

As a result of what can only be described as a catastrophic event for the NHL some fans have called on the league to issue full refunds! 

With the latest news from Elliotte Friedman about another outdoor game in the making, it sounds like the NHL is heading towards another fail. Check out what Friedman reported in his latest 31 Thoughts column on Sportsnet: 

“Carolina’s outdoor game will continue the trend into locales no one would have considered years ago. Arizona is pushing for a game in Mexico City. Years ago, I asked Bettman if he would put a game in Florida and he said he’d like to, but the humidity was a big concern. I think they’re going to see if they can do it. Edmonton is runaway leader for next Canadian game in fall of 2021.”

While Edmonton sounds like a great location for an outdoor event, Carolina, Arizona and Mexico City seem to be dangerous choices, in terms of weather and conditions for such contests. 

What is the league thinking? 

They might change their minds and make safer choices if they indeed have to refund all of those angry fans in Colorado.