Artist “Identity Swaps” all 32 NHL teams and produces incredible results.

These are so cool.

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These are just so cool I felt the need to share them all with you. 

First and foremost before we get into some of the awesome "Identity Swaps" that are going to be featured below I just wanna take a minute to give all the credit in the world to the guy who created this, Lucais Daitchman of LD Concepts, as I suspect that one of the reason he worked on a project like this was in an effort to try and get his name out there. You can find him on twitter at this link right here, so if you like his work and want to support him or even give him a few words of encouragement please do so, he did an amazing job. 

Daitchman has published an image on his social media that features all 32 of the current teams in the National Hockey League but with drastically different looks. Daitchman has very appropriately called this project an "identity swap" given that he borrows parts of one team's logo and uses it for another, while also repeating the process for every team in the NHL. 

The results are pretty extraordinary and some of them even look particularly awesome in my estimation, even better than some of the current NHL logos that we see today. Of course I am not suggesting that any team should change their logo based on this design, but nonetheless they are fun to look at.

Here they are: