Auston Matthews injury may be a huge opportunity for young Leafs forward.

Matthews injury may have a silver lining.

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Obviously when a player as important as Auston Matthews suffers an injury in a market as hockey-rabid as Toronto it's going to make headlines and cause concern among the fan base. That becomes magnified even more when the injury is believed to be a head-injury. 

While there has been a great deal of concern surrounding the health of Toronto's superstar forward, Jonas Siegel of the Athletic believes that the injury may prove to be a significant silver lining for one Leafs forward. From Siegel:

Auston Matthews' sudden absence opens the door again.

Mike Babcock gave Nylander the choice of playing in the middle or remaining on the wall with Matthews sidelined against Edmonton on Sunday night and Nylander, perhaps predictably given that apparent intrigue, chose the former. He admitted afterward that he was, in fact, eager to give it a shot.

Earlier this month there was excitement about forward William Nylander getting a chance to play center when veteran center Tyler Bozak was sidelined with an undisclosed illness, however Bozak bounced back quickly and Nylander's opportunity was cut short. 

Now Nylander will get the shot to continue to showcase his talents at the center position, a position that many believe Nylander will be most comfortable with in the long-term, and one where many believe Nylander will provide the Maple Leafs the most benefit. 

The injury could even force head coach Mike Babcock to put Nylander in more difficult situations, situations that Babcock won't be able to control as effectively when he's on the road. While it will certainly be a challenge for the young Leaf, it could also provide valuable experience that will greatly benefit both the player and the team down the line. 

Of course any time a player like Matthews is out with an injury it's not a good thing, however there are silver linings to be found in his absence.