Babcock has hilarious advice for Nylander in regards to his slow start since signing monster deal

It's not what anyone expected!

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Patience with William Nylander is wearing thin. Fans on social media and hockey pundits have criticized the work and effort from the young forward since he signed a massive contract and returned to the Toronto Maple Leafs lineup. 

Motivation and productivity should come easy to the 22-year-old: one source of inspiration should be the six-year, $45-million US contract he signed on Dec. 1. In 14 games since his return, Nylander has posted three points, just one single tiny little goal... 

That's not enough and fans have been getting more and more impatient with Nylander, and while he says he is not paying attention to the criticism and complaints on social media, his head coach Mike Babcock still felt the need to share some brilliant advice with his young player, per TSN's Kristen Shilton.

On Wednesday, Babcock revealed what his advice would be to Nylander when it comes to drowning out the noise and it's simply hilarious: 

"That’s what the country music channel and the hunting channel is for. Wild TV, 393, it’s dialed in; they never talk about hockey once. Honest to god, it’s unbelievable."

We're not sure if Nylander is into country music or hunting, however, the message of his head coach is right on. We know how passionate Maple Leafs fans can be, and it's never easy to forget about all the criticism. To see how lightly Babcock puts it should remind Nylander not keep working hard and focus on what's happening on the ice. 

Nylander has mentioned that he isn't listening to the noise either and he's doing his best to keep positive, and let's hope he can find the back of the net sooner than later. 

"I just know what I’m capable of, and I know that’s going to come. You’re going to have tough times, and especially now it’s tougher than others. Once the puck starts going in, it’ll keep going in."

Who knows, some hunting tips might help after all!