Babcock making a lot of noise about the salary cap.

He's not shy about sharing his opinion.

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Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Mike Babcock has never been shy about sharing his opinion, and now that he's the head coach of one of the biggest franchises in all of hockey, he makes a lot of noise when he does so.

Earlier this week Babcock made headlines when he mentioned on a radio show that he would like see the top earning teams in the league be rewarded by giving them more spending power when it comes to acquiring players. Needless to say given the current reality of the National Hockey League's salary cap structure, these comments created a great deal of controversy.

Despite the fact that his comments raised quite a few eyebrows, Babcock doubled down on Wednesday, and even went so far to say the “whole league is set up to help the bottom feeders.”

“I started some talk yesterday and I want this to catch action – the teams that make the most money in the league, they get to spend the most money,” said Babcock as per Sportsnet's Chris Johnston. “I’d like to get that action going, too. So the rules are what they are and I coach the team.”

Obviously that's easy to say as the coach of the Maple Leafs, but it's also easy to understand the frustration of organizations who effectively subsidize other teams.