Battle between two very good goalies will force a trade.

There's no way they keep both men.

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At the start of the 2015-2016 regular season if anyone had told you that it would be the last full season Marc-Andre Fleury would play in Pittsburgh you would have called that person a mad man, now it seems more and more like that's now a certainty.

This week another analyst touched during the incredibly difficult situation during Pittsburgh Penguins day at Pro Hockey Talk, with Mike Halford making some very confident statements about the situation and Pittsburgh how it would look moving forward.

From Mike Halford:

— Next year’s expansion draft is a fly in Pittsburgh’s ointment. The way things stand now, they’d be forced to protect Fleury because of his no-movement clause, which would force them to expose Murray.

— No chance that scenario plays out, so Fleury and the remainder of his four-year, $23 million contract will (theoretically) be on the move at some point.

There's very little doubt that the Penguins will trade one of their goaltenders this season, and the goaltending situation in Calgary with Brian Elliott on just a one-year contract continues to make them the favorite whenever a goalie trade is mentioned, but with a player the level of Fleury the list of teams interested could be a large one.

It's worth noting as well that the Penguins will want a goalie on their roster to expose to the draft, and this could open the door for teams that would normally be hard pressed to trade for a goaltender like the Dallas Stars for example.