Big time rumors involving NHL legend Patrick Roy.

Crazy rumors involving the legendary goaltender.

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Despite no longer having an official role in the National Hockey League, everywhere legendary NHL goaltender Patrick Roy goes there are microphones waiting to hear what he has to say, and this week he made some big waves.

This week Roy was asked if he would be interested in making a return to the NHL, this after vacating his job as the Colorado Avalanche's head coach just two seasons ago he answered in the affirmative, but with a few caveats.

Roy said that he now has far more interest in returning to the game in some form of managerial position, unsurprising given the fact that disputes between him and general manager Joe Sakic were rumored to be one of the main reasons behind his departure in Colorado. 

The comments from Roy have now caused a great deal of speculation in Montreal, specifically as it pertains to general manager Marc Bergevin of the Montreal Canadiens, something that insider Darren Dreger  has touched on.

"Might be a bit ill-timed given what's going on with Marc Bergevin and the Montreal Canadiens," said Dreger on Insider Trading.

Is Roy attempting to make it known that he would be open to taking the job should the Canadiens decide to kick Bergevin to the curb? While it's only speculation, Dreger doesn't seem to think Bergevin is about to get fired anytime in the near future.

"I don't expect that there will be change in Montreal in season."

Can you see Patrick Roy as the next general manager of the Canadiens? Considering how beloved he was in that city, and how his career there ended, it seems like this would be an excellent way to mend the relationship between Roy, the Canadiens, and the City of Montreal.