Blackhawks star Artemi Panarin the victim of a huge injustice!

This really sucks.

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The All-Star participants were announced this week but one player may have been royally screwed.

Blackhawks forward Artemi Panarin was undoubtedly one of the biggest snubs for the event, so much so in fact that his teammate and captain Jonathan Toews, who will be at the event, openly stated that he felt Panarin and others were more deserving than he this time around.

For Panarin however it's not just being denied an opportunity he deserves it's also had a significant impact on him financially. A report from NHL Numbers has revealed that Panarin will lose over $200,000 in bonus money, money that by all accounts should have been his given his performances this season.

While it may be easy to brush it off when you view it in the context of a millionaire athlete, it's not hard to put yourself in the shoes of someone who worked hard for something and was denied his rightful reward at the end of that hard work.