Blue Jackets mercilessly taunt Capitals after overtime winner.

The Caps will want revenge.

Blue Jackets mercilessly taunt Capitals after overtime winner.

You can bet that the Washington Capitals will be out for revenge after tonight. 

The Capitals welcomed the Columbus Blue Jackets to Capital One Arena on in Washington, D.C. on Saturday night and unfortunately for the home crowd their Capitals did not put on much of a show for them. The Blue Jackets got on the board early during the contest's very 1st period and they seemingly seemed to be set to cruise to a victory from that point forward. It wasn't until the very end of the game's 3rd period that things really picked up, so much so in fact that I believe they will carry over beyond just tonight's match up between these two teams.

Again, the Blue Jackets seemed like they were about to walk away with a 1 - 0 victory over the defending Stanley Cup Champions when with roughly a minute left to go in the 3rd period the Capitals turned up the heat. This would eventually lead to a goal from Capitals forward Evgeny Kuznetsov in the dying moments of the 3rd and it was one that would clearly sting the Blue Jackets. Although the goal itself certainly could not have felt good it appears that it was Kuznetsov's celebration that would remain imprinted in the mind of the Blue Jackets as the confident Capitals forward flapped his arms with mock wings in celebration of his goal. The fact that it would remain in the minds of the Blue Jackets is not merely speculation.

That's because a little while later the game would head to overtime as you would imagine in such a scenario and unfortunately for the Capitals and their fans in the arena it was the Blue Jackets who would get the last laugh. It was Blue Jackets star forward Artemi Panarin who would fire home he eventual game winner off a one timer that resembled a lot of goals Capitals fans have seen from Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin many times in the past. It was what came after that goal however that will linger in the minds of fans who watched this game. 

As they celebrated on the ice the members of the Blue Jackets squad began to flap their arms in a celebration that mocked the one produced by Kuznetsov just moments earlier. You can bet the Capitals will be watching that one again before their next game against Columbus.