Boston's David Pastrnak picks a Maple Leaf to be the 2020 NHL MVP.

Very surprising comments from Pastrnak.


This is certainly unexpected. 

Over the past few years now the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Bruins have been engaged in what can only be described as a budding rivalry, although rivalry may not be the right word. The rivalry has been so one-sided in favor of the Bruins when it counts that you would be hard pressed to describe the Leafs as their rivals, however in spite of the fact that the Bruins have walked away with the important wins as of late it is clear that there is mutual respect here. 

Fans of the Boston Bruins may hate every member of the Maple Leafs roster and the same may be true of the Maple Leafs' fan base when it comes to the players om the Boston Bruins' roster, but it is obvious that not all the players view things the same way. In fact in a recent interview one of Boston's top stars showed a tremendous degree of respect for one of Toronto's top stars when he picked him to be named the most valuable player in the National Hockey League this upcoming season.

According to a report from the National Hockey League's Mike Zeisberger, Bruins forward David Pastrnak was recently asked who he felt would receive the Hart Trophy for the 2019 - 2020 NHL regular season he surprisingly named Auston Matthews as his pick. You would think that given the apparent hatred between these two teams during the last 2 playoff series in particular would preclude Pastrnak from naming a member of the Leafs roster, but it seems the Bruins star has no problem recognizing talent, even in his enemies.

"The biggest thing is for him to be healthy ...  Last season he was better in the playoffs than the year before in the playoffs," said Pastrnak. "That shows (he's) moving forward. He's an unbelievable player."

Not only is this a tremendous sign of respect for Matthews on the part of Pastrnak, but it is also a rather bold prediction as well. Do you agree with the Bruins star? Will Auston Matthews be the 2020 NHL MVP? If not who do you think will walk away with the hardware?