Brad Marchand celebrates victory with Bruins’ moms

You have to admit the pest is being cute here…

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The Nashville Predators could count on new head coach John Hynes last night, however, it did not matter to the Boston Bruins, who crushed the Preds 6-2. 

While a new face behind the bench didn’t help the Predators, the Bruins were motivated by their mothers who were on the trip to encourage their boys. 

After the game, the moms waited for the players to come out and as soon as forward Brad Marchand got out, he knew what he needed to do.

Marchand ran over to his mother and hugged her tight before he went up to the rest of the cheering moms who all game him high-fives. 

As much as some people may dislike Marchand for his antics on the ice, you have to admit this is a cute video. 

The moms seem to be bringing good luck to the Bruins and should be travelling with them more often!