NHL News : Brad Marchand shares a beautiful moment with his daughter.
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Brad Marchand shares a beautiful moment with his daughter.

Is that really Marchand.

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This is a side of notorious Boston Bruins agitator Brad Marchand that most hockey fans around the world have never had the chance to see. 

Marchand of course is best known as perhaps the most universally hated player in the entire National Hockey League, a reputation he has worked very hard to build and cement for himself over his many years in the league. Marchand's penchant for delivering cheap shots to his unsuspecting opponents and even getting under their skin in perfectly legal, if incredibly irritating, ways on the ice.

It's a reputation that has earned him the undying love of his local fans in Boston and the undying hatred of just about every other fan base around the National Hockey League. It's also one that unfortunately has landed him on the wrong side of discipline from the National Hockey League and the National Hockey League's Department of Player Safety and has seen him suspended several times for his actions on the ice. In fact it has become so common that it is now not uncommon to see comments regarding a potential suspension to Marchand under articles and videos about incidents in which he is not even involved in.

Marchand is more than just his reputation as an agitator however, for one the man is obviously an incredibly talented hockey player in spite of the fact that he often crosses the line on the ice. By all accounts he is also a pretty terrific teammates and the rapport he has built with players like Torey Krug, a rapport that can frequently be seen on each player's respective social media accounts, is evidence of that fact. Marchand is also another thing though, he is a family man. 

Marchand has a young daughter and although he keeps his family life relatively private she was featured front and center on Saturday night when cameras caught a beautiful moment between her and her father. Marchand's daughter was standing rink side and when she saw her daddy skating towards her she kissed her finger and touched it to the glass. In a moment that would seem very out of character to the Marchand haters he quickly returned the favor, kissing the finger of his glove and pressing it to the glass. 

A beautiful moment between father and daughter, and one that comes from an unexpected place.

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