Brayden Schenn rips his own team after embarrassing loss.

Schenn is not happy.

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There appear to be some real serious issues in one National Hockey League locker room, and I suppose given the current state of the team that should come as relatively little surprise. 

On Sunday the St. Louis Blues faced off against the Vancouver Canucks and for the Blues it was a rather embarrassing evening. The Blues were in front of their home crowd at the Enterprise Center in St. Louis, Missouri and instead of putting on an inspired performance for the fans who had spent their hard earned money to watch them play, they were simply not good enough. 

The Blues allowed 3 first period goals on just 6 shots resulting in veteran goaltender Jake Allen being pulled less than a single period after his first shutout of the 2018 - 2019 NHL regular season. The bleeding did not stop there however as the Blues would continue to be dominated by the Canucks, eventually allowing 6 goals in total and losing by a margin of 6 - 1. 

Unsurprisingly after the game member of the Blues roster were not the least bit happy but surprisingly they made very little effort to hide that fact from the media, speaking very candidly about the current state of their organization.

"I apologize to all our fans," said Vladimir Tarasenko. "We can’t play at home like this. I don’t know how to fix it. We work on it but it doesn’t work for now."

It was veteran forward Brayden Schenn however you made the most scathing comments of all however, by a large margin no less, when he absolutely roasted his team calling them fragile for the way they have been playing.

"We’re a fragile group," said Schenn. It comes with losing."

Veteran forward Alexander Steen would go on to say that the team was missing the day to day commitment from it's players and when Schenn was asked about those comments from Steen he very much appeared to throw his teammate right under the wheels of the bus.

"That's a question for him, I don't know. ... I don't know. Maybe he can have the answer to that."

Sounds like there are some major problems in the Blues locker room, and that likely means big wholesale changes on the horizon.