BREAKING : Bruins forced to burn first year of rookie contract following injuries.

A big decision was made.

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The Bruins are set to face the Senators in the first round of the Playoffs but they already deal with a very troublesome situation. 

With Torey Krug hurt last Thursday and Brandon Carlo smashed by Ovechkin on Saturday, the roster now shows a big hole in the defense department. Something has to be done to fill the gap. 

In a surprising turn of event, the team decided to dress Charlie McAvoy and burn his first year of rookie contract. 

This decision has huge implication for the Bruin's future. McAvoy is expected to become a star defenseman in the league, which means his salary will grow proportionally. Losing a whole year of rookie salary cap for a few games in the playoff is a big deal, but the Bruins are in trouble and they need to do it anyway. 


We will follow it all with interest!