BREAKING: CRUCIAL update on Sidney Crosby's health condition.

MAJOR update following Crosby's injury.

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BREAKING: CRUCIAL update on Sidney Crosby’s health condition.

Was it intentional? Was it a hockey play? Is it Sidney Crosby’s fault for getting lower? Is it Matt Niskanen’s fault for high checking him? 

Everyone got his own opinion. Fact is, we tend to forget that the Pittsburgh Penguins loss their top player and their team captain in one crucial series against the Washington Capitals. A series that many point out to be the deciding one regarding on who’s heading directly to the Stanley Cup finals.

Tim Benz, Host of DKSportsRadio located in Pittsburgh, reported an important information last night regarding Sidney Crosby.

Crosby just walked by me in the arena. Full suit. Winked at a worker and appeared to say ‘I’ m OK.” Walking briskly. No sign of a limp.

The fans certainly hope Benz is right on his call.