Breaking: Dallas Eakins shockingly connected to NHL coaching job.

This is a huge surprise.

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That's one name we did not expect to hear for some time, perhaps even not ever again.

A stunning report from TSN insider Pierre LeBrun has connected notorious former National Hockey League head coach Dallas Eakins to an NHL head coaching job once again. 

According to LeBrun, Eakins is expected to interview with the Arizona Coyotes as they begin their search for a new head coach after their former coach Dave Tippett seemingly resigned from his position with the Coyotes.

Eakins is of course best know for his catastrophic NHL head coaching debut with the Edmonton Oilers, although how much of that blame belongs to Eakins is hard to judge given what shape the Oilers were in at that time.

Nonetheless the idea of him being an NHL head coach once again is rather surprising given that history.