BREAKING: DEVASTATING update on Kevin Fiala after SCARY injury.

TERRIBLE news on Kevin Fiala’s health condition.

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DEVASTATING update on Kevin Fiala after gruesome injury.

For those who missed it, on Wednesday night during Game 1 of the Predators second round playoff match up against the St. Louis Blues, Fiala suffered a gruesome injury. Fiala was caught up in a battle with the Blues’ Robert Bortuzzo and as a result went crashing into the boards legs first. The impact appeared to do a great deal of damage to his leg, and a stretcher came out to help Fiala off the ice.

Many sources and 102.5 The Game Nashville are reporting Kevin Fiala has a broken femur and ruptured femoral artery. Rehab time still unknown.

It’s a heavy one to take for the Preds and the young player.

Fiala is a young left winger that played only 60 games in the NHL so far. He scored 12 goals and registered 5 assists for a total of 17 points. As per Hockey Future, Fiala “has excellent balance and the ability to twist and turn at will. Shifty in his skating, he rarely blows a tire or loses his poise. He is strong on his skates and avoid checks and physical contact from opponents. Fiala’s agility is paramount to the effectiveness of his skill set. He holds onto the puck as if it’s glued to his stick and is very tricky as a dangler, especially when entering the zone with speed; he can accelerate with three short steps.