Breaking: Goaltender injured after getting leveled by his own teammate in practice.

Disaster in practice.

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This is just about the worse case scenario for the Philadelphia Flyers.

According to a breaking news from from Philadelphia Flyers insider Dave Isaac of USA Today, Flyers number one goaltender Brian Elliott has just been injured during a Flyers' practice on Sunday. Although we do not know the exact details of what happened at this time, according to Isaac Elliott was "trucked" by fellow Flyers teammate Travis Konecny and immediately went down hard to the ice after the fact. Now obviously I do not believe that Konecny would intentionally injure Elliott but nonetheless this is going to cause an incredible degree of frustration in the Flyers fan base.

There are some additional details here although we can only speculate as to what they mean at this time. According to Isaac Elliott's head appears to have taken the worst of the hit from Konecny due to the fact that Elliott was "holding his head" after going down on the ice after the hit. This would appear to indicate that Konecny caught Elliott up high with the hit but we can't know for sure as there has been no video released of the incident at this time. 

The news could not come at a worse time for the Flyers who appear to have lost another one of their goaltenders just yesterday. Goaltender Michal Neuvirth had just come off an conditioning stint in the American Hockey League for the Flyers but after just a single came at the National Hockey League level he was sent back to Philadelphia yesterday to be evaluated by the Flyers medical staff. Thankfully the Flyers still have goaltender Calvin Pickard available to them but he has not exactly been outstanding for the team this season and he can not fill both the starter and the backup roles at the same time. 

There are perhaps two silver linings here for the Flyers however, although they certainly don't make up for the bad news. The first is that Elliott was reportedly able to leave practice under his own power, hopefully that will be a sign that he has not been seriously injured as a result of the hit. The second is that Flyers fans have been desperate to see goaltender Carter Hart get a shot at the NHL level, and with so many injuries the Flyers may finally be forced to give him that shot.