Breaking: Good news for Stan Bowman and the Chicago Blackhawks!

This will certainly change Stan Bowman's plans!

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Incredible News for the Stan Bowman!

The salary cap for the 2016–2017 season was also on today’s GM meeting agenda. This information is more crucial than ever with the expansion draft coming ahead. GM will face tough decisions by July 1st and certainly expect a salary cap increase.

As reported by Sportsnet senior writer Chris Johnston, the salary cap could go as high as $75.5M next season which is a $2.5 million increase over the current cap.

This increase could definitely leave more space for Stan Bowman to sign key players and secure them before the expansion draft.

However, it is not an official statement as the NHLPA could request that it stays at $73M to lower the escrow. The official announcement is expected in June 2017

This would leave more room to sign free agent with the team on July 1st as an example.