Breaking: HBO and P.K. Subban team up for huge announcement!

Details inside.

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A huge and unexpected announcement has just been made.

According to a report from the Canadian Press, Canadian National Hockey League superstar P.K. Subban of the Nashville Predators has teamed up with HBO in order to bring you an unprecedented all-access look at his life. The show will be called P.K. Subban Skate Past The Noise: The Off-Season.

As you may have figured out given the title, the best part of this documentary will be the fact that the filming took place during this most recent off-season, when Subban was hot off the heels of a blockbuster trade that shook the hockey world. With the show promising "unparalleled access to his inner circle," one would have to believe that we will be provided more context into the deal itself, and Subban's genuine reaction to the news.

HBO has a history of making extremely high quality sports programming, especially when it comes to documentaries, most notably it's boxing series 24/7 are some of the very best sports documentaries ever created.

This is most definitely something we will be looking forward to, and it premiers on November 18th on HBO.