Breaking : Highly coveted free agent about to sign a deal this weekend!

6 teams are in the race!

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The race to sign coveted international players is truly on in the NHL these days. The NHL UFA market is about to open in just over a month, but the teams look to reach for high potential, mostly Europeans stars to join their team. Apparently, highly coveted Jan Rutta is about to sign with someone. 

Many won't know who Rutta is and it's perfectly normal. The Czech defenseman has played with the Chomutov Pirati in his home country for the last 4 years and developed nicely. The 6'2'', 211lbs 26 years old is known for his offensive flair and hability to read the play and might the right call. He showed a huge progression in the last four years and had a spectacular 32 points in 46 games last season. 

It's still unclear which teams are in the race, but the one who will get his rights will certainly be happy about it. We'll stay on top of this news, as usual.