Breaking: Huge medical update on Corey Perry.

Big news for Perry.

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I can almost feel the hearts of National Hockey League fans around the world already filling with hate.

As many of you will know notorious Anaheim Ducks' agitator Corey Perry has missed the entire 2018 - 2019 National Hockey League regular season thus far following corrective surgery in the offseason. Perry required an operation on his right knee and although the procedure was believed to have been successful his road to recovery has spanned the last 4 months as he attempted to get back into the kind of shape required to play at the NHL level. Well it now appears that he has done what was required of him.

According to a breaking news report from TSN Winnipeg reporter Sara Orlesky, fans in Winnipeg are in for a special treat tonight as one of their favorite bad guys is coming back to town. Orlesky reports that Corey Perry will make his season debut for the Ducks, a testament to just how serious his injury was, on Saturday when the Ducks face off against the Winnipeg Jets. Even if Perry were to play in every regular season game from here until the end of the season it will mark his fewest number of games played during a single season for his entire NHL career. Even as a rookie, going all the way back to the time of the Anaheim "Mighty Ducks," Perry appeared in 56 games that season and he won't be able to even hit 40 this time around. 

Perry is of course also one of the most universally reviled players across the entire National Hockey League and has earned a special place in the hearts of many fan bases, although usually in a place reserved for hatred. The Winnipeg Jets of course are no exception, and in fact they may dislike Perry more than most fan bases out there. The Jets fan base came up with one of the most creative ways I have personally seen to taunt Perry all the way back in April of 2015 when the Ducks and Jets were facing off in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs that year.

If you're not familiar with the taunt, check it out below, and maybe you'll hear it again later tonight.