Breaking: Major accusations levied against NHL superstar Drew Doughty.

We may have a major scandal in the NHL.

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We have rumors of a major scandal in the National Hockey League.

TSN's Dean Brown made some major accusations on TSN 1200 radio, accusations that center around Los Angeles Kings defenseman Drew Doughty and his Norris Trophy win last season.

"While his representatives are paid to represent him, and I applaud them for that, some of the methods that they used to get people to vote for their guy last year I find to be... not something that they will admit to doing."

That's right, Brown is claiming that the Doughty's management, Newport Sports Management, used some less than savory tactics to make sure Doughty walked away with the award. Brown wasn't shy about going into detail either.

"I've spoken to guys that we both know Ian, at the national level, guys who are in the insider business and they were told by his agency that if their guy doesn't get some votes that the tap for insider information might be squeezed off."

These are scandalous accusations from Brown, and the reason we are classifying them as a rumor for now is the fact that his comments have thus far not been corroborated by any other source. However if it does come to light that blackmail played a factor in deciding the winner of an NHL award, there will be some major backlash from hockey fans.