Breaking: Major update in Evander Kane sexual assault investigation.

Huge update on what has been a strange story.

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It was a strange story from the very beginning, despite the fact that no one at any point had accused him of any wrongdoing, Buffalo Sabres forward Evander Kane found himself under investigation for sexual assault. Given his last name and the fact that this was a case being overseen by the Erie County District Attorney’s Office it was impossible not to draw the connection to a case earlier this season involving Blackhawks star Patrick Kane.

It appears that now, much like Patrick Kane, Evander Kane has been vindicated in this case, and according to a report from the Buffalo news the Erie County District Attorney’s Office as well as Buffalo Police have determined that no wrongdoing took place, and Kane will not and has not been charged in this case.

“There was never a criminal complaint filed. After a careful and diligent examination of all the known facts, including the results of forensic and toxicological testing, neither the provable facts nor the applicable law support the filing of any criminal charges or a prosecution in this matter,“ Acting District Attorney Michael J. Flaherty Jr. said as per the Buffalo News.

The whole thing started after a young woman went to hospital for medical treatment after spending the night with Kane, and when she was at the hospital informed the medical staff that her memory of the evening was unclear, this and some other warning signs reportedly caused the staff treating the young lady to notify police of a potential assault. Kane never denied sleeping with the woman, and according to him their encounter was consensual.

“After all the interviews that were conducted, after all the toxicology tests were completed, there was no evidence of a crime...and there was no evidence to file any kind of charge,” Kane's attorney Paul Cambria said. “I spoke to my client. He was relieved, but not surprised in any way, because he did nothing wrong.”

The young woman never accused Kane of anything, and while he was never charged in this case, Kane was part of an ongoing investigation that resultedi n a search of his SUV and his hotel room, and the decision to dismiss the case today must come as a relief to the young NHL forward.