Breaking: Major US market offers NHL team a place to re-locate their team!

An absolutely shocking move from a major US market!

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A major television market in the United States is making a very unexpected pitch to acquire a National Hockey League organization.

Governor Dannel P. Malloy of Connecticut has penned an official letter to John LedeckyScott Malkin and Charles Wang, the owners of the New York Islanders organization in a bid to get the team to move to his state.

In the letter Malloy invites the Islanders to move their organization to the Hartford XL Center, and even went so far as to promise the building would be refitted to properly accommodate an NHL organization. 

The Hartford-New Haven market is the largest in the United States that doesn't currently boast a professional sports team, something that would obviously be appealing to sports franchise, and still boast a rabid hockey fan base despite the departure of the Whalers all those years ago.

It's a big play for Governor Malloy, and while we doubt his bid will be successful, it's certainly something worth keeping an eye on.