Breaking: Member of the NHL family among those missing after attack in Vegas.

Tragedy in Las Vegas reaches all the way to the NHL.

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We have some very scary and potentially very sad news to report. 

According to an official announcement from the Los Angeles Kings, one of their employees is among those currently missing following the mass shooting that occurred in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

The Kings are reporting that Christiana Duarte has not been heard from since the events that transpired outside the Mandalay Bay events center, and are asking anyone with information to come forward with it. 

Missing persons hotlines have been flooded since the incident, understandably so, so this may merely be a communications breakdown, however given the nature of this event it's difficult not to fear the worst. 

Christiana had just moved to California to begin working with the Kings, a dream job in the eyes of many hockey fans, and this is certainly not what should have been in the cards for a talented and promising young lady.