BREAKING : More details emerge about Neuvirth's condition.

We're on top of the story.

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As we previously reported, Michal Neuvirth collapsed on the ice for no apparent reason today. Here are all the video angles we have.

Of course, all this happened pretty fast and we have been collecting information since then. 

First, we're glad to report Neuvirth regained consciousness on the ice before being stretchered off. 

Apparently he's doing fine in the dressing room at this point. 

Official update has just been released. 

However, we just learned that Colin McDonald mentionned Neuvirth wasn't feeling so well before the game but decided to play anyhow. 

With Mason ill and out of the lineup, it's most probable that Michal decided to play through his own sickness so he didn't let the team down. 

Meanwhile, the team is in scramble mode to find a backup goalie and Eric Semborski went down to the locker room to get dressed. He has 0 game in the NHL. 

We will keep you posted.