Breaking News : Tuukka Rask “injury” update

Major update on Tuukka Rask mysterious situation

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Let's take a break from Julien's saga if you guys want ? After the "I’m not into shock journalism" episode and the press conference held for absolutely nothing regarding head Coach Claude Julien's job it's now time to get back on what's happening on the ice.

Last night, the Boston Bruins lost against the Pittsburg Penguins 5-1 in a one sided game. However, the attention after the dual wasn't on the score. Rask pulled himself out of the game midway through the second period suffering from ocular issues consistent with migraines.

Tuukka Rask also missed today's morning practice. Later on Julien said Tuukka Rask is being evaluated by doctors (dealing with migraine/vision issues that caused him to leave yesterday's game).