Breaking: News worsens for Fleury...

Not what fans want to hear...

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Back on October 13th, Marc-Andre Fleury took a knee to the head by Detroit Red Wings forward Anthony Mantha. Fleury remained in the game, but was placed on injury reserve shortly after and has remained there ever since with a concussion.

The updates from the team have been consistent, but vague. And now Vegas Golden Knights general manager George McPhee has given an update that may worry several fans. 

The Knights want to be sure not to rush Fleury to come back to action. 

"His brain is important now, it’s important 15 years from now. He’ll be ready when he’s ready, and there’s no bright line test, we don’t know when that’s going to be but hoping that’s getting closer," added McPhee on SinBinVegas. 

A medical team was trying to get him out there to see how he felt, but Dave Prior who runs out goaltending department basically said “I don’t want him on the ice until he’s 100% healed because when I deal with him I’m going to go real hard with him. I’m going to push him hard and he’s going to face a lot of shots at 100% velocity and speed and everything else as hard as we can do things. That’s how he likes to train the goaltenders. He doesn’t like to take baby steps, he wants them on the ice when they are 100% healed so we are going to wait until we get to that point. -George McPhee

Once that final symptom of the concussion goes away, Fleury will be back on the ice, practice for a few days, and then could be ready to come back and play. 

The Pittsburgh Penguins come to T-Mobile Arena in exactly two weeks, hopefully Fleury will be able to face his former teammates.