BREAKING : NHL coach will quit his team tonight.

Well, good bye sir.


This season was full of surprises, but the one that had the most people talking is the Dallas Stars falling deep down the rankings. From a serious cup contenders in the last few years, the team simply went nowhere this season. Many fingers will be pointed, but one guy doesn't want to stick around for the blaming game. 

Lindy Ruff announced today he will not stay with the team any longer. 

The statistic in itself is amazing. Having a winning record for each of the last 13 seasons is awesome, but it had to end at some point. Ruff leaves the team on a semi-good note though, as they won against the ever struggling Avalanche yesterday. 

Anyhow, such a quality coach will not stay unemployed for too long. Many speculate about the possibility of seeing Ruff with the Las Vegas expansion next year. The rumor mill if spinning fast these days, we can tell you!