Breaking: NHL general manager has just admitted to deliberately tanking.

The NHL is not going to be happy.

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The National Hockey League and commissioner Gary Bettman are probably already trying to figure out how to deal with this situation.

Alex Prewitt of Sports Illustrated recently caught up with Arizona Coyotes general manager Don Maloney and asked him what appeared to be a perfectly harmless question. Why does Maloney believe Oliver Ekman-Larsson does not get more credit when it comes to Norris Trophy voting? A harmless question that prompted Maloney to reveal perhaps far too much.

"It's really reflective of our team,"Maloney told Prewitt. "Last year, we plunged. I did not do much to help our team the last two months. If we were going to be bad, my attitude was, let's be real bad. There was a pretty big prize for being really bad."

"All that being said, it was a miserable last six weeks for every player, including Oliver and anyone who had to go out there, because our chances of winning were so slim. We basically had a minor-league roster. But he continued to do his thing and he's always been a top minutes played at his position. I think there's still more growth and upside."

Deliberately losing for draft picks severely impacts the integrity of the game, and Maloney may has well have used the word tanking in his description of his decisions late last season, one has to wonder if the National Hockey League will now look to reprimand Maloney and the Coyotes, either publicly or behind the scenes.