Breaking: NHL GM says “clock is ticking” on young defenseman.

Will he be traded?

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There was a massive press conference in Montreal on Monday when both Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin and head coach Claude Julien addressed the media.

Some of the most interesting comments made on the day came form GM Marc Bergevin who gave a very clear indication that his patience was running out as far as one of his young NHL defenseman is concerned.

"Nathan Beaulieu is at a crossroad. The clock is ticking," said Bergevin.

Now it has to be said that Bergevin did not specifically mention the possibility of trading Beaulieu, however his comments make it clear that at the very least his time in the organization may be coming to an end unless he shows drastic improvement.

The Canadiens had high hopes for this season, something Bergevin himself made clear when he made a blockbuster trade to acquire Predators captain Shea Weber, and it's clear some changes are going to have to be made moving forward.