Breaking: NHL Network claims NHL star could soon be traded.

Unbelievable trade rumor from the NHL Network.

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One of the most unbelievable trade rumors of the summer has just become much more serious. 

While there have been some very minor rumblings that the Boston Bruins and David Pastrnak are not seeing eye to eye on a new contract, and furthermore that those differences could result in Pastrnak being traded, a new report from the National Hockey League's NHL Network has ignited the hockey world. 

According to NHL Network analyst and former NHL general manager Brian Lawton, there rumors around Pastrnak are indeed legitimate and Lawton has stated that based on what he is hearing he "would not be surprisedif Pastrnak was in fact traded by the Bruins.

Needless to say this would be a shocking move, and depending on what kind of return the Bruins received it could be a move that would anger a very large segment of the fan base. 

Pastrnak is an extremely popular player in Boston and after putting up 70 points in 75 games this past season trading him would be a very tough move for general manager Don Sweeney to sell to his fan base. 

No word from Lawton on which teams are in the mix here.