Breaking: NHL Player Safety Department punishes Thornton for “vicious” slash

The NHL Player Safety Dept. strikes again!

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The NHL Player Safety Department is taking no prisoners as of late, fining yet another player for a malicious play on Saturday night.

Joe Thornton was caught slashing Tampa Bay Lightning forward Tyler Johnson on Saturday, and has received the maximum allowable fine under CBA rules.

There's unfortunately no video replay of the incident, but we do have fan reactions after the play in question.

The general fan reaction is that of confusion. The play, in most fans' opinions, seemed like a normal slash - again, we don't have video evidence, and that should be an indicator of how insignificant the slash must've been. If it was actually a dangerous play, it would've been somewhere on social media.

Luckily, Thornton's most recent contract allows him to handle this HEFTY fine of $5,000...