Breaking: NHL reveals there will be ads on World Cup Jerseys.

The NHL officially unveils ads on jerseys.

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It's official, for the very first time the National Hockey League has officially placed ads on it's jerseys, although thankfully for now the ads will be limited to the jerseys for the World Cup of Hockey.

On Wednesday the NHL officially unveiled the jerseys with the advertisements included, and to be perfectly honest they seemed rather reasonable. The official sponsor for all game-worn jerseys will be software company SAP which was co-founded by Sharks owner Hasso Palttner.

As a result the jerseys will feature a shoulder patch that will feature the three letters, and again it has to be said that this seems like a very reasonable amount of space being used up for what is likely a lucrative sponsorship for the players and league.

Here's your first look at what the patch will look like on the jerseys.