Breaking: NHL star buys $4.5 million home in Boston, will be free agent this summer.

A clue about where he intends to sign?

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Let the rumors begin.

At the end of the regular season veteran forward, and likely future hall-of-famer, Jarome Iginla made it rather clear that his time in the National Hockey League wasn't over quite yet. What he did not do however was hint at where he might end up.

While this is purely speculative, a recent report from the Boston Business Journalmay have just provided a huge clue about where the veteran free agent intends to play next season.

According to the Journal, Iginla has just purchased a newly constructed home for a whopping $4.5 million in Chestnut Hill, a purchase that has many pundits wondering out loud about Iginla's desire to return to the Bruins.

Again this is all speculation, but it's a very interesting report to say the least.