Breaking: NHL team had their plane diverted due to terror attacks.

Today's attack impacts

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One National Hockey League team was forced to make a significant detour due to the terrorist attack that took place at Fort Lauderdale Airport on Friday.

The Boston Bruins were originally schedule to land in Fort Lauderdalewere originally schedule to land in Fort Lauderdale but thankfully had not arrived when the gunman opened fire on innocent bystanders, choosing his targets seemingly at random as he went on a killing spree. 

The Bruins plane was instead diverted to Miami, and it's unclear at this time how that will impact the rest of their travel plans. The Bruins are schedule to play the Florida Panthers on Saturday and this detour is not expected to impact the scheduling of that game.

The Bruins released a statement saying “the thoughts and prayers of the Bruins organization are with the victims of today’s shooting and the entire Fort Lauderdale community.”

A beloved former NHL player was actually on the scene when the gunman opened fire and is lucky to be alive today, if you missed our earlier report on that story you can read it here.

Image courtesy Miami Herald