Breaking: NHL veteran changes his mind on controversial anthem protest

To kneel or not to kneel?

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San Jose Sharks veteran Joel Ward revealed a lot about the struggles of his personnal life when controversy arose around President Donald Trump comments on NFL players taking the knee during the national anthems. 

Ward recently revealed that he has been the victim of racism in hockey, and in fact says he experiences racism on a day to day basis. He also said that he would not close the door on possibly kneeling for the national anthem.

On Thursday, Ward took to Twitter to post a beautiful statement on his choice. After taking a long time to ponder about the situation, Ward announced that he will not kneel during the anthems as the NHL season is about to start. 

He made sure to explain that he will continue to make a difference in his community and around the United States on the hostility of that issue, and that he keeps supporting the NFL players who continue to quietly protest against the President's divisiveness.