Breaking: One trade proposal for Kevin Shattenkirk is now known.

Would you be ready to give that to acquire a rental player like Shattenkirk?

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As reported yesterday, Bob McKenzie has revealed that for the third time since the summer, defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk has blocked a trade by rejecting a massive contract extension. The identity of two of the three teams who have been turned down by Shattenkirk was currently unknown, but many speculations were pointing at Edmonton and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Bob McKenzie added more details regarding one Tampa Bay lightning that could go the other way.

I’m thinking Tyler Johnson is part of that package going the other way because if Tampa was going to have Shattenkirk signed to a seven-year deal at $6 million a year, they’ve got to move out some money."

And as I said, even quite aside from whether they get a defenseman or not, they can’t afford Drouin, Palat, and Johnson this summer. Not a chance in the world in my mind, unless I’m reading the numbers wrong.

It’s obvious that the rental price for Kevin Shattenkirk is at its highest and Doug Armstrong will probably ask more than Tyler Johnson to seal the deal. 

As for Edmonton, the rumor said they were trying to move Taylor Hall last summer for the Blues defenseman. 

Would you be ready to give up that for a rental player?