Breaking: Shocking update from the agent for David Pastrnak.

Unbelievable comments from Pastrnak's agent.

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We have an absolutely unbelievable update from the agent for Boston Bruins star forward David Pastrnak.

 Yuri Nikolaev recently spoke with and while we knew that negotiations with the Boston Bruins were not going as well as either side would like, this latest update is a shocker.

"On the eve of the 2018 Olympics, some NHL stars are closely examining the issue of employment in the KHL. We know that two clubs of the Kontinental League show a particular interest in David Pastrnyak. Now the issue is in the final stage of negotiations, " said Nikolaev in Russian.

Now while some of what he meant may have been lost in translation there's no doubt that this is a very real threat to the Boston Bruins, one that suggests that the Bruins may be about to lose a player who put up 70 points for the last season for absolutely nothing.

Needless to say this would cause a great deal of outrage among the Bruins fan base, outrage that could push their already contentious relationship with Bruins' management past the breaking point.

More to come.