Breaking: Stanley Cup Champion goalie says he's ready to take a backup role!

Accomplished veteran ready to take a backup role.

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A veteran goalie has just made some very interesting comments, comments that indicate he will be taking a much reduced role this coming season.

This summer the Carolina Hurricanes made a big move to shore up their goaltending situation, pulling off a trade with the Chicago Blackhawks that brought goaltender Scott Darling over to their organization. That was quickly followed with a big 4-year contract extension for Darling, the kind of extension that would be indicative that he is expected to be the starter.

Of course for as long as most fans can remember, the starter in Carolina has been former Stanley Cup Champion Cam Ward and Ward was asked about the possibility of taking a reduced role next season.

“I’m realistic,” Ward said as per the Raleigh News and Observer. “I understand the situation. I know he was brought in here to sign a four-year deal for pretty good money not to be a backup.

“I know where I am in my career. … Certainly I’m a competitive guy and I still want to be able to play and I’ll do whatever I can to earn that ice time, but I’m hopeful he can make that next step. He deserves that.”

While we have no doubt that Ward will come into training camp with the intention of competing for the starting role on the Hurricanes roster, based on both the moves from the Hurricanes and Ward's comments, it appears this may be the end of an era in Carolina.