Breaking: Tampa Bay's entire draft strategy may have been leaked.

This would be a huge screw up!

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You can bet that Tampa Bay Lightning general manager Steve Yzerman is furious right now.

Earlier this morning a fan on social media published a document he claimed to have picked up off the ground at a hotel he was staying at, a hotel that several National Hockey League organizations were using for they stay in Buffalo prior to the 2016 NHL Entry Draft.

The document that was published appears to reveal the Tampa Bay Lightning's draft strategy, including potential trades to move up in the draft, potential trades to move down in the draft, as well as a number of other possibilities. Here's a look at the document in question.

Now at first we didn't take this seriously, after all just about anyone could have printed this out and claimed it was a document from the Lightning. The problem with that theory however is the fact that later the user published a conversation that occurred between him and the official Lightning twitter account, and that conversations appears to legitimize the document.

This appears to be a major screw up from one NHL team's management.